National Dox

A. National Dox

A pan India service for the pickup and express delivery of documents anywhere in India within the company network. Service available in more than 800 destinations covered by around 5000 pin codes. Booking in convenient 250 gm weight slab.

B. Local Intra-city Dox

A city specific courier service for the delivery of documents meant for delivery within the same city. This service is available nationally, in convenient 250 gm weight slab.


A nationally available economical service for the delivery of bulk mail within the city, within state and geographical zone; as well as inter-zone. Documents accepted up to 50 gms. Bookings accepted for number of documents as low as 500 in a lot.

National Parcel

A nationwide service for the courier delivery of small parcels. All small parcels up to 3 kg weight moved by Air mode only. No limit to the number of parcels booked under single AWB. Option of moving the Parcels either by Air or Surface. Facility for SECURE movement available at a nominal additional cost.


  • The world at your doorsteps services available in different Express and economical modes.
  • Express Document service available for more than one hundred international destinations.
  • Documents booked in convenient 500gm slabs.
  • Express parcel services also available to all major international destinations.
  • Special arrangement for Heavy load international shipments.

Heavy Shipment

A dedicated multi-mode cargo service for heavy shipments. Service available for all destinations. Option for Air or Surface movement available to clients. No limit on the number of pieces travelling under a single Airway Bill. No limit to total weight of the shipment. All inter-region movement by surface undertaken through dedicated express trains only. A desk to desk to service available with SECURE feature at nominal extra cost up to certain value.

Reverse Logistics

An immensely popular and efficient nationwide service offering Return Solutions from even the remote areas of the country. Service particularly beneficial for express pick up of spare parts, replacement parts, defective parts etc. Service designable for challenging destinations and also to products requiring beyond routine operations. All processes controlled by IT driven operations.

To pay / COD

  • To-Pay/ DOD Service: Freight Collect service available in specified destinations through a unique T-Secure process. (Conditions and charges apply)
  • DOD Service : Value Collect service available in specific destinations through a unique T-Secure process. (Conditions and Charges apply)